Visual and Performing Arts in UUSD

The Upland Unified School District is noted locally and nationally for its outstanding programs in music, dance, and visual arts. The arts are a valued part of the core curriculum for Upland students.

Music, dance, and theatrical performances during the year provide students with the opportunity to showcase their developing talents.

Elementary Students

Elementary students participate in chorus and art.

Formal instrumental music instruction begins in the fifth grade and continues through high school. Students may progress to participation in the honors chorus and band.

Dance instruction begins within the physical education program and extends to specific courses at the secondary level. Students learn a variety of dance styles and techniques ranging from traditional folk dances to ballet to contemporary modern styles.

Elementary schools provide opportunities for budding actors and actresses to increase their comfort in front of a live audience through school-based performances.

Secondary Students

At the secondary level, students continue the music, dance, and theater programs they began at the elementary level. Secondary students may study theater arts and qualify to become members of the Thespian Society.

The Upland High School auditorium serves as a community venue and provides students the opportunity to experience stage management from both the technical and the business perspectives.