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Students of Upland USD

School Safety Is Our Priority

The safety and well-being of our students has been and remains our top priority at the Upland Unified School District (UUSD). Our teachers, administrators, and staff are vigilant about creating a safe and healthy campus environment. We provide extensive training for our personnel, continuously update our safety protocol, conduct rigorous physical inspections of all of our facilities, and work closely with the Upland Police Department and other public safety agencies. We understand that you have entrusted us with your children. It’s a role we take very seriously.

We also need our students, parents, and the community we serve to help be our eyes and ears. If you see or hear about suspicious activity, please report it immediately to your school.

Here are some of the ongoing steps we have taken to safeguard our students and campuses.

Campus Security

  • All campuses are secured during the school day. The Raptor check-in system currently is being rolled out to all of our campuses. The Raptor system requires visitors to scan their ID, which is then compared to Megan’s Law database. A sticker with picture identification is printed with the time and location for the campus visit.  
  • All campuses have noon aides and/or campus safety personnel to provide supervision and assist students. Upland High School (UHS) has additional safety personnel in the evenings to support ROP and adult education classes, and more are being added mid-day to assist with supervision of the UHS campus perimeter.
  • More than 300 security cameras are installed district-wide and are used by both staff and law enforcement.
  • All classroom doors are equipped with a “lock block” which allows the door to be closed and secured easily in the case of an emergency.

Tech-Enhanced Monitoring

  • Upland Unified’s junior high and high school administrators use WeLink software to monitor social media traffic for threats using Google maps and strategic keywords.
  • All of our sites use Gaggle, a program that monitors communication and images inside the district’s Google Apps For Education account. This software filters everything that goes through a Google Apps For Education account and alerts administration if there is a keyword or image discovered.
  • Internet filters are in place to ensure that our network is free from inappropriate content.

Staff and Student Training

  • UUSD staff, in partnership with local law enforcement, participated in active shooter protocol training beginning in August 2016. With the help of local law enforcement, UUSD trains all site personnel each year in the “Run-Hide-Fight” protocol for responding to emergency situations involving targeted school violence.
  • Seventh through twelfth grade students participate in a yearly assembly led by Upland Police Department (UPD) to learn more about their role and their options during an act of targeted school violence. We have conducted drills in partnership with UPD at Upland Junior High, Pioneer Junior High, Hillside High School, and Upland High School.
  • District administrators, probation officers, and school resource officers meet with staff at each site to review protocol and answer questions regarding targeted school violence.
  • In accordance with California Education Code Section 32280, Upland Schools conduct fire, disaster, and lockdown drills each year. UUSD participates in the Great American Shakeout each October.
  • Secondary staff are participating in suicide prevention training to help them understand and respond to the signs of anxiety and depression. High school freshmen are participating in lessons related to anxiety, depression, and suicide prevention.
  • We train all staff annually as “mandated reporters” who are legally required to report any suspicion of child abuse or neglect to the relevant authorities.

Positive School Culture and Social Emotional Support

  • UUSD is unique in having its own counseling center. The Healthy Start program provides mental health counseling services, crisis intervention, case management, referrals to outside mental health agencies, as well as targeted support for homeless students and foster youth. The program also orchestrates resources to support students throughout the districts, such as student assemblies, groups, after school programs.
  • A number of Upland High School staff are implementing Capturing Kids’ Hearts, a program that builds meaningful, productive relationships with every student and every colleague, resulting in a safe, effective environment for learning.
  • UUSD schools embrace and are building behavioral support systems based upon Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) which focuses on proactive strategies for defining, teaching, and supporting appropriate student behaviors and creating positive school environments. 

Student and Community Engagement

  • Upland Unified enjoys a strong relationship with the Upland Police Department. Our school resource officer is just one of many facets of our partnership to keep our students and staff safe.
  • UUSD also enjoys partnerships with a number of agencies that support students’ well-being such as Reach Out, Project Sister, and South Coast Community Services.
  • In late February 2018 Upland High School hosted a forum for students, parents, staff, and members of the community that included the Upland Police Department and the UUSD district administration. The district and site administration met with student leaders during the same time period and committed to an ongoing dialogue about safety.
  • Upland High School is reigniting its House of Representatives, which will be comprised of representatives from each 4th period class. The group will meet monthly to discuss and find solutions for issues such as safety and campus culture.
  • Upland High School will launch a system that allows students and staff to text information and/or safety concerns with school leaders to support our “see something, say something” culture.

Phone: (909) 985-1864

Address: 390 North Euclid Avenue, Upland, CA 91786