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Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS)

Upland Unified is dedicated to ensuring a positive system-wide approach to discipline that will support every student every day. The PBIS framework is based on four major elements: outcomes, practices, data, and systems. Schools identify the target outcomes of their students, families, and educators and then develop evidence-based practices that help to reach those goals. They also participate in a data collection process that allows them to continuously align or revise their practices. Finally, the school works to develop systems that will support continual implementation of PBIS.

Our goal in UUSD is that each site uses this framework to ensure their site culture is student-centered, positive, responsive to students' behavioral and emotional needs, and that the adults define a systematic approach to ensure this happens.

PBIS is...

  • A decision-making framework that utilizes evidence-based behavioral practices to improve positive academic and behavior outcomes for all students.
  • A multi-level approach for all students.
  • An interactive approach that focuses on outcomes, data, practices, and systems.

PBIS aims to...

  • Embed social and emotional skills within the classroom curriculum.
  • Help all staff (teachers, classroom aides, duty aides, custodians, cafeteria workers, etc.) determine what is appropriate behavior and what is not and what to do with the behavior in both cases.
  • Define specific school-wide positive behavioral expectations (no more than three to four).
  • Recognize and reward positive behaviors in all students.

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