Our High Schools

Upland’s ninth through twelfth graders attend one of our two high schools. We embrace California’s Common Core curriculum and student-centered lessons driven by 21st century technology. We truly care about our students as we promote high student achievement that will propel them toward high school graduation, higher learning, and continued success.

Our High Schools

Hillside High School
1558 W. 9th St.
Ph. (909) 949-8400
Fax (909) 949-7840

Upland High School
565 W. 11th St.
Ph. (909) 949-7880
Fax (909) 949-7895

Alternative Education

We recognize that learning styles are as varied as the students themselves. Students who experience academic or personal difficulties or unique schedule constraints may be recommended to the district Alternative Placement Committee for a placement or schedule review. To help all of Upland’s students reach graduation, we proudly provide these alternative education programs:

Placement in alternative education requires a referral from the student’s respective high school counseling department and must be approved by the district committee or site administrator.