Healthy Start

Upland’s Healthy Start program provides support services to meet the needs of UUSD students and their families through the Healthy Start Family Center located at Upland Elementary School. We are here to help, so please don’t hesitate to call us at (909) 949-7804 to learn more about the services we are pleased to make available to you.

Some of the Services We Offer

  • Back to School
    Registration for Healthy Start services for the 2019–2020 school year begins on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. Registration will be from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Healthy Start Family Center. All families must register every year.

  • Case Management & Referral Services
    The goal is to strengthen and help stabilize families struggling with issues such as; lack of sufficient food, clothing, shelter or health care, low income or other circumstances that prevent a child’s ability to succeed in school. Staff coordinate resources and linkages for students and families in collaboration with county agencies, faith based organizations, community based nonprofits, and other groups to assist with needs.

  • Upland Unified School District Counseling CenterMental Health Counseling Services 
    School-based counseling services are available for qualified students who are experiencing social emotional or behavioral issues that are negatively impacting their daily and/or academic functioning. The UUSD Counseling Center staff assist and support the student with the goal to help the student maximize academic achievement. Counselors from UUSD Counseling Center will assess and link the student and family to the appropriate level of care. The UUSD Counseling Center is located at the back of the Upland Elementary School property, 601 5th Avenue, Upland. Please call for more information, (909) 949-6526.

    • Crisis Intervention
      Services are available for students and families experiencing a traumatic or emotional crisis, and/or who are in dire need of emergency food, clothing or shelter assistance. Assessments are provided by trained mental health clinicians and case managers. 

    • Homeless Youth Services
      All students who are considered homeless, i.e. those who lack a fixed, regular and adequate night time residence have certain rights under the McKinney Vento Homeless Education Act. If your family lives in any of the following situations; in a shelter, motel, vehicle, or campground, on the street, in an abandoned building, trailer, or other inadequate accommodation, or doubled up with friends or relatives because you cannot find or afford housing, then your children have the following rights.  

      They include:
      • To continue in the school of origin
      • Immediate enrollment, even if required documents are not available 
      • Free School meals 
      • Transportation to and from the school of origin 
      • Partial credit for work completed at other schools 
      • Modified graduation requirements

    • Foster Youth Services
      Case management and other support services are available for foster youth to assist them to succeed in school and beyond. Foster youth also have legal rights including:
      • To continue in the school of origin, or any school attended in the last 15 months
      • Immediate enrollment, even if required documents are not available 
      • Free School meals 
      • Partial credit for work completed at other schools 
      • Modified graduation requirements

    The Support Services Director is the designated Homeless and Foster Youth Liaison for the district. The Liaison is responsible to address barriers encountered by homeless and foster students, and to ensure their rights. For questions, contact the Support Services Director at (909) 949.7804. 

    District Child Care

    The Upland Unified School District Child Care Program is available at eight elementary school sites. We provide quality care and supervision in a safe and nurturing environment for transitional kindergarten through sixth grade students. The program provides homework assistance, recreational activities, and a nutritious snack.

    The child care program is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. at the following sites:

    The program is fee based. For more information, please contact: 

    Diego Diaz, Supervisor Support Services
    (909) 949-7804

    THINK together After School Program

    Upland Unified School District currently has five after-school programs operating at four elementary schools: Baldy View Elementary, Cabrillo Elementary, Citrus Elementary, Upland Elementary, and Upland Junior High School. The district contracts with THINK Together, Inc. to provide these programs.

    The California Department of Education After-School Education and Safety program (ASES) funds these after school programs.The programs provide literacy, including homework assistance, academic enrichment, physical activities, a nutritious snack, and safe, constructive alternatives for students in grades one through eight. The programs run from the close of school each day until 6:00 p.m. at all school sites. The programs are free, but enrollment is limited based on the amount of funding the school receives.

    For more information about the THINK Together program, please contact:
    Diego Diaz, Supervisor Support Services
    (909) 949-7804